Glenda and Francisca studying The objective of the Casa Hogar has always been to provide accomodation (at the Casa Hogar) and education at prestigious schools in the capital city, leading up to the school-leaving exam to gifted children with a poor family background, mainly from rural areas. Thus, the emphasis is on everything related to school matters. That is to say that the children get up early in the morning in order to get to the schools nearby on time, come home to the Casa Hogar at noon or in the early afternoon, have a wholesome meal, dedicate themselves to the daily chores and start their studies immediately afterwards. It is particulary the younger kids that constantly receive help from the volunteers here, for instance with their homework. But they also study vocabulary with them and serve as „private tutors“ in the preparation for upcoming exams. After dinner the children who have already complied with their school duties can relax for a while or do their part of the chores; the rest of them has to keep studying until bedtime at 21:00.

Although during the week there is scarcely any time left for pastime activities at the Casa Hogar, the children can dedicate themselves to their hobbies at weekends. In spite of  a certain amount of schoolwork that has to be kept up with also at weekends, the daily routine is not that fast-paced and so there is still time to play soccer, volleyball or to go for a swim.