Even though there is not much spare time left for the children and adolescents at the Casa Hogar apart from their school duties, sport gives them an important change and is a great incentive for them to show their ambition. In this sense, the Casa Hogar has been proud of its own women’s volleyball team since 2009 that is trained by the managing director Jorge Efrain Pérez.While the girls indulge in this sport, the boys prefer soccer, which is an extremely widespread and very populuar sport in Guatemala. Once in a while also the basketball is paid some attention to. In particular at weekends the children like going for a swim if the weather is fine, and to top it all off, there is some fitness equipment (but which, admittedly, has already fallen prey to some wear and tear) that comes into use now and then. So it is obvious that the competitive element in sports gives the children and adolescents a vital change, playing quite an important role in their education at the Casa Hogar.