Unterstützen Sie uns mit einer Patenschaft! Each child who lives at the Casa Hogar has a godfather or godmother that covers the monthly incurring costs (board and lodging, school fee, school things, school uniforms, etc.) for them. The sponsorship/godfathership is on a voluntary basis and can be cancelled any time with an informal letter. People interested in becoming a godfather or godmother will receive all the information about the children for whom a godfather or godmother is needed. Then the person him/herself chooses a child.

Should you be interested in becoming a godfather or godmother or if you would like to receive further information, we would kindly ask you to contact us in one of the following ways:

- Alexander Römich
 mail: info[at]casaasol[dot]net
 telephone: (+43) 664-20 75 321

- Werner Römich (Founder of the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL)
telephone: (+43) 316-575606

- SOL Steiermark – Solidarität mit Lateinamerika Steiermark
web: www.sol-steiermark.at