Scope of duties

The main task of the volunteers at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL is to support the children and adolescents with their schoolwork. That is to say that the volunteers are to provide help with the homework and supervise it. The same goes for preparatory work for exams. Furthermore, the contact with the teachers in the respective schools has to be established and maintained.

Apart from school matters the volunteers are responsible for the children’s keeping the house rules, study-, meal- and bedtimes, along with preparing dinner and waking up the children every morning. In case of sickness the children are to be taken to the doctor, which is also part of the volunteers’ scope of duties.

The last important duty of the volunteer is to plan and carry out pastime activities for and with the children.

As the children are always at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL, except for vacation time, it has to be taken into account that all the listed tasks are also to be done at weekends. A well structured schedule that has been coordinated with the management helps enjoy regular weekends off, though.