The objective of this project has always been to provide accomodation and education at prestigious schools in the capital city, leading up to the school-leaving exam to gifted children with a poor family background, mainly from rural areas. This idea is based on the fact that, especially in rural areas, a solid education for many families and their children is hard to come by due to various factors. Be it the lack of financial means, that children cannot be sent to school as their are indespensible as workforce at home contributing substantially to the family income, or plain and simply the absence of schools and of professionally-trained teachers in the villages and so forth. In a nutshell, access to education is particularly poor for the lower social classes. The Casa Hogar offers a unique chance to exactly these young people. But theres is even more to it: Through the permanent contact that the children maintain with their families and home villages and the possibility of returning there after graduating from highschool or university, knowledge and education are disseminated in the interior of the country, too. Moreover, in many cases it is the children themselves who constitute the retirement provisions for their parents. The added value here is that the education obtained through the Casa Hogar enables them to provide even better for their parents in old age. Therefore, the long-term objective of the Casa Hogar is not only to improve the life of children and adolescents through access to education, but also, seeks to create more possibilities in their immediate surroundings.