Who can do voluntary service at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL?
Anyone who is older than 18 and has a sound command of the Spanish language.

How long does a voluntary service at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL last?
The minimum period is six months, but there is no time limit for the stay.

When can I start to work?
The beginning of your voluntary service depends on your application, your availability and the workforce needed at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL.

How do I apply?
Your application should contain a CV and a cover letter stating your availibility and the time period you plan to work at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL. Please send your complete application to info[at]casaasol[dot]net. For more detailed information click the link Application.

Which costs do I have to cover myself?
The Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL offers free board and lodging. Apart from that all the incurring costs, for example flight tickets, insurance, vaccinations, etc. have to be covered by yourself.

Which vaccinations do I need?
You will find detailed information about vaccinations on the homepage of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. Look at http://www.bmeia.gv.at and click „Country Information“.

How many other volunteers will be there working at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL?
There will be at least a second volunteer working together with you. Only on rare occasions you might be alone as a volunteer for a certain period of time.

Where will I stay?
On the premises of the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL there is a separate building for the volunteer workers.

What else should I know beforehand?
It is difficult to give an answer to that question as it depends on your habits and needs. The easiest way to find out more about the life at the Casa Hogar Estudiantil ASOL is to read some of the field reports of former volunteer workers. You can also get in touch with them any time or contact us via info[at]casaasol[dot]net.